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  C Dem Finance Ltd provides demurrage claims financing to the maritime shipping markets, offering predictable, prompt funding through customized solutions.   

Access to funds - we offer clients medium to long-term financing based on the value of their total annual demurrage claims, covering their full demurrage book at competitive, pre-agreed rates. Payment to the client is made promptly after receipt of a copy of their invoices. 
Confidentiality – the funding facility can be structured so that our clients’ customers are not aware of them using this service
Balance sheet efficiency - quickly converts demurrage receivables to cash, improving working capital efficiency and credit metrics without impacting on balance sheet leverage. 
Commercial considerationsour financing has no bearing on your important commercial relationships. Your customers may not be aware you are using this service if you’re handling the collection yourselves, and there is no undue pressure to achieve settlements quicker than your average payment times. 
Management – you maintain full control over credit management and continue to handle your own claims with your customers, with our assistance available on difficult or contentious claims when needed to help you expedite settlement. Where required, we can handle claims settlement on behalf of the client. 
Cash flow – a medium to large ship operating company, with usual demurrage claim amounts and collection times could receive funding of USD15m to USD25m within two months
Simplicity – your claims can still be handled by you, having been purchased by us, not affecting your arrangements with other creditors. Alternatively, C Demurrage can take over the administration of the claims on your behalf. 

Funding Structure 

After reviewing your typical annual demurrage exposure and client base, we’ll propose percentage payments for your claims. After a claim arises, is submitted and cross-checked by us, we’ll acquire the claim for an agreed amount, usually over 90% of the claim’s value. 
You then handle settlement of the claim with your client in your preferred manner. Once your customers have settled the claim, we’ll settle any remaining value on that claim owed to you. 
C Dem Finance retains a small percentage of the claim's value, varying with the length of time the claim remains unpaid. 
You retain the option to proceed to arbitration, at our cost, if the circumstances require it. If you prefer not to arbitrate or continue pursuing the claim, you remain liable to us for the amount pre-paid to you. 

About Us 

C Dem Finance Ltd is a sister company of C Demurrage Ltd. C Demurrage is a claims handling and outsourcing company, working for both shipowners and charterers on claims calculations and settlement. C Dem Exchange, which is operated by C Demurrage, is an online portal for trading companies to circle-out claims owed to each other. As part of the same group, C Solutions Ltd is a legal and consultancy company, advising on legal and insurance matters. 
All companies within the group are used to dealing with large, complex claims for a broad range of shipping and trading clients and have a good track record of resolving difficult demurrage claims sensitively, underpinned by a strong management team. C Dem Finance was set up in response to customer demand for faster and more efficient methods to settle claims quicker in a challenging and evolving market place.  


+44 1892 854033 




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